High expression wine and complexity made ​​from 100 % Cabernet Sauvignon, is among one of the most unique wines from the cellar, with a period of aging for 16 months in French oak barrels , which give a unique value. The harvest of this variety was made in the second week of October, acquiring conditions suitable maturation, maximizing the contribution of the terroir found in this ancient land, its alcoholic fermentation takes place in two weeks, during which an intensive stays extraction, and then develop a half in stock and half in barrel malolactic stage. Subsequently it is aged for 16 months in barrels for finally make a dedicated selection of the best, which highlights its uniqueness as it is a very delicate stage in which successive tastings are done to achieve the greatest expression of this variety.


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    Tasting Notes

    Pillory red wine and ruby highlights, high layer and medium intensity. The nose initially presents a pleasant feeling of roasted vegetables, accompanied by mild spices and empireumatics notes, ending with a memory of ripe red fruits. In the mouth, a lot of structure, with velvety and very greasy feel, very round tannins on the finish with good balance and elegance, with hints of cherry and currant in aftertaste leaving a pleasant feeling fruity.



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