Winery & wineyard

Winery and Wineyard in Ronda

Morosanto is an excellent location for growing vines. The geotechnical features, the location itself, the orientation, as well as the average 800 m altitude in the area provide this land with the best features for harvest.
In 2005, and after the corresponding studies, as well as valuing those varieties that grow best in the area, the following red grapes were planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo, Petit Verdot and some Graciano; and white grapes: Viognier, Chardonnay and Muscat.
The plantation covers 12 hectares of the estate and the framework of 2.60m x 0.90m allows us a particularly low density in comparison to what is common in the area, coming in under 4,100 plants per hectares. This, alongside the low production clones selected, will lead to powerful wines in terms of colour, structure and aroma. These reduced sizes guarantee better harvests in terms of quality and flavour – a wine with a lot of depth.