WHITE 2021


White wine made with Chardonnay and Viognier varieties, in equal proportion, from both the highest vineyard Morosanto Farm (750m.). Harvested in late August, reaching a point of maturity appropriate for these two varieties of short cycle. One criomaceration was performed first for enhancing the aromas and extraction in the aqueous phase, followed by a fermentation at low temperatures. Finally ageing on lees was conducted for 6 months to soften and balance the final result.


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    Tasting Notes

    Yellow coloured wine with a gold rim, medium and bright intensity. Initially it presents flavours derived from the fermentation (yeast and bakery), a result of its long ageing on lees. We also find aromas of white fruits (apple, banana) and tropical aromas (lychee and passion fruit) mixed with white flowers, creating a very pleasant natural harmony. Finally, its friendly entry into the mouth, with well integrated acidity and salt sensations that convey a freshness, body and remarkable volume, ending up with a floral finish that leaves a very pleasant memory.