Rose 2021


Petit verdot and Syrah varietal wine from the Morosanto Villa, harvested in the second week of September, it was a mild summer that allowed us to have a slow maturing, with average temperatures, and thus better preserve their natural acidity and aromaticity. After his barreling, a bleeding of 8 hours of maceration was performed to develop a fermentation at a controlled temperature of below 18°C, and finally work lees were made during the first month of malolactic fermentation without allowing it to end, to enhance the natural acidity of the wine.


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    Tasting Notes

    Half pale pink wine, bright and clear intensity. It opens to the nose opens with red fruits such as raspberry or strawberry, to some feelings of stone fruit (peach or apricot) mixed with lactic and floral sensations in the background. It has a nice entrance to the palate, it is sweet and fresh, derived from a well-integrated acidity, with a silky and well balanced body.